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The following are excerpts from the CD:

Mobile Beauty Systems is a company that provides products and information guides to get your  mobile spa and mobile beauty business started. Here you will find an on-line store with every piece of mobile beauty equipment you will need for your business.

To purchase the start up guides on CD or the instructional DVD's for your mobile spa business, please visit

These guides are perfect for mobile day spa, mobile spa, mobile beauty, mobile nail tech, mobile hairdresser, mobile makeup and mobile massage business!

The mobile Spa industry is the latest craze not only in the United States and Canada but also in Europe and Australia!

Maybe you are working in the beauty industry at a day spa or salon. You may find paying rent every month for a booth is to much. You may be tired of working for someone else. Starting a mobile spa business maybe for you!

When you start your mobile day spa business you can decide what services you want to offer. Maybe you only want to offer nails only you might be a nail tech then you would have a mobile nail tech business, you might want to focus on facials and waxing the choice is up to you.

Mobile spa businesses can cater to, spa parties, bachelorette parties, weddings, girls' night in, shut-in's, Mother's at home or just cater to individuals.

Here are a few reasons to go mobile with your beauty business!

  1. Unlimited income: The harder you work and promote your business, the more you make. (rather than "punching a clock")
  2. Freedom and flexibility: Work only when YOU want to. You will have the freedom to schedule appointments around family and other commitments.
  3. Low start-up costs: and no ongoing costs that would relate to operating a storefront operation. (rent,utilities, maintenance,higher insurance and business taxes)
  4. Limited risk: Keep your present job while you build a clientele or start working full-time with your business. The option is up to you.
  5. Tax advantages: Claim legitimate business expenses relating to your vehicle, supplies and " home office". As well, you can attend out of town trade shows and events and claim travel costs as a business expense.
  6. Career satisfaction: You are building your very own business based on your own skills and initiative. ( " the entrepreneurial spirit")
  7. Independence: You are truly " on your own" and not subject to the demands of an employer.
  8. Challenge: Use your imagination to create interesting and effective ideas for your business.
  9. Excitement:You are released from the boredom of a predictable day-to-day job. No two days will ever be the same. You are out in the community, not stuck working in a spa or salon. Different scenery everyday.
  10. No business experience required: Our CD is all you need to start your mobile beauty or mobile day spa business.

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The latest trend is spa parties in the customers home. The most popular spa service is pedicure parties.

The key to making money with groups bookings is to do the service in 30 minutes.

The 30 minute pedicure will include paraffin and polish application as well as the basic pedicure procedures to be finished in 30 minutes.

If you are a one person mobile spa business when you book a pedicure party you want to do each client in a timely and efficient manner. This is how you will make more money. For example if you charge 40.00 a pedicure and book 6 pedicures you will stand to make $240.00 in 3 hours!

Extra tip: Do not forget to use a plastic liner in the foot bath so you do not need to clean out the soaker in between each client. Some companies sell a disposable plastic foot liner but we find using white garbage bags is less expensive and you will get two uses out of each bag. Just turn the bag inside out for the next client. or you can purchase disposable pedicure liners form your local beauty supply store.