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Getting the word out - Marketing
The following are excerpts from the CD:

Marketing Your Mobile Spa Business

Research the market - emphasize the exceptional - Think of the customer - Target your advertising.

* Look at the big picture first.
* Then focus on the unique aspects of your business.
* Think from the client's point of view.
* Target any publicity carefully.
* Make your business easy to find.
* Aim to become a household name.

And remember: You have only one chance to make a good first impression.
Many owners and operators find marketing their new business intimidating. They are unsure of the direction to take and concerned about investing dollars in strategies that may fail.

Not having a storefront is your first challenge in marketing your new mobile beauty business. Since you are not operating from a salon, your business is not immediately visible to potential customers. But you can turn a possible disadvantage into an advantage: use the money you save by not leasing or buying space on creative approaches to publicizing your business.

Successful marketing begins with paying close attention to market factors and answering some basic questions.

* Is the market for your service expanding?
* How many competitors do you face?
* How does your service compare to that offered by your competitors?
* What differentiates your business from other operations?
* Who are your targeted customers?
* What form of advertising will be most effective in addressing your targets?